PCS Developers Attend CodeMash 2018


A group of PCS developers attended CodeMash 2018 in Sandusky, Ohio. CodeMash is intended to be a “unique event that educates developers on current practices, methodologies and technology trends in variety of platforms and development languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby and PHP.”

Team members who attended were Tim Zarkovacki, Jay Holliday, Erinn Lynn, Adam Maust and Zach Pertee. Our team attended to learn more in the areas of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, better UI/UX design as well as stay current on upcoming trends. Tim commented, “The classes were excellent and provided key insight into how the industry is accepting and applying new technologies.”

Our developers are committed to staying ahead of the technology curve for our clients. We are looking forward to attending again next year. In the meantime, if you need assistance from our development team, don’t hesitate to contact us.