ShoreTel SoundBytes Webinar


On September 26, 2011, Tim Zarkovacki presented Palitto Consulting Services (PCS) at the ShoreTel SoundBytes Webinar. There were 50 people in attendance. The theme of the Webinar was “Maximizing ShoreTel: How PCS Can Help You Maximize ShoreTel.”

“Tim did a great job of providing a surface level look into the services that PCS provides,” commented Jeff Lowe, ShoreTel Sales Engineer. The goal of the webinar, product awareness, was accomplished by Tim’s presentation.

Palitto Consulting Services (PCS), a national leader in ShoreTel customizations has been working with ShoreTel Partners since 2003. PCS is known as “The ShoreTel Partners’ Best Partner”. The PCS advanced technical team partners with ShoreTel partners across the globe. You can visit the website at