PCS Attends Global Azure Bootcamp


Microsoft Azure, the ever-evolving set of cloud-based tools from the prolific software giant, is one of the dominant forces in cloud-based computing and hybrid systems solutions for every size of business. So, when over 300 communities worldwide host a day devoted to every topic imaginable relating to this growing set of services, you know that PCS will be there to learn all we can learn about the latest trends and implementations.

That level of learning took place on April 27, 2019, when PCS team member Jay Holiday attended the Microsoft Global Azure Bootcamp in Cleveland. His sole intent on being present was staying current with the latest tools and features within the Microsoft Cloud platform.

Learning More, Serving Better

At PCS, we believe the more we learn about the latest technologies, the better we can help our clients implement them in meaningful ways to affect their businesses positively. Since Azure is currently such a significant part of the cloud and hybrid solutions for business, we knew attending and gleaning as much information as possible was crucial to our clients’ success.

The Azure-related topics covered at the workshop were wide-ranging and included security, data analytics, machine learning, bots, cost optimization and business implementations. Another aspect of the conference that matters as much, if not more than, the actual information sessions was the opportunity to make contacts and network with professionals involved in developing and deploying Azure applications at every level.  Nurturing these contacts results in the growth of a valuable information resource that we use to benefit our clients in their endeavors.

Making Contact With PCS

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