Maximizing ShoreTel Presented at CNP


Bryon Palitto and Tim Zarkovacki attended CNP’s 6th Annual Optimize your Enterprise Technology Solutions tradeshow in Charlotte, NC on February 19th. The CNP Show showcases the latest technologies in virtualization, mobility, wireless networking, video conferencing, storage, security, VoIP, WAN optimization, and more. PCS presented Maximizing ShoreTel and customization application solutions for ShoreTel needs. They highlighted Social media Integration and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Social Media Integrations include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Integrating your ShoreTel system with social media allows you to stay on top of issues that are discussed on social media platforms. When an unsatisfied client tweets about his poor service or another issue, a call will be placed into your queue directing the representative to call the client and resolve the issue.

Interactive Voice Response interacts with the user by prompts and voice response on inbound or outbound calls. IVR includes Voice Recognition and Text to speech (TTS). Additional features are SMS and Mobile Web App. SMS and Mobile Web App extend the IVR into different platforms. These platforms are text messaging and applications for mobile phones.

Maximizing ShoreTel has many customizations that are categorized into four groups. Back End Integration, Custom Functionality, Application Integration, and Call Control.

If any of these areas interest you, please call our office at 330.335.7271 for more information to discuss how we can adapt your ShoreTel system to better fit your needs.