Jay Holliday Keeps Current with Development Technology at CodeMash 2012


Jay Holliday attended the CodeMash development conference in Sandusky. This event educates developers in the most current practices, methodologies, and technology trends on a variety of platforms and development languages. A lot of emphasis is placed on becoming familiar with development tools and environments that programmers may not typically get the chance to work with. “Seeing how other technologies work helps you think outside the box with the technologies you do work with,” said Jay. He attended sessions on Mobile Development, Agile Methodologies, assorted .Net sessions (F#, ASP.Net MVC, SignalR, Kinnect, and .Net Micro Framework), Coffee Script, Amazon Web Services, RavenDB and MongoDB, and Testing.

CodeMash is a very popular event among programmers. All 1,200 tickets sold in less than 20 minutes for this year’s conference. “From a personal perspective, it’s an amazing event. I’d say it’s easily the best development conference of the year in the Great Lakes region”, commented Jay, “Keeping up with the break-neck rate of change in technology can easily become a full-time job and this conference really helps you stay current.” Check out http://codemash.org for more information.