“Examining Evolving Consultant Relationships” an Interview with Tim Zarkovacki


Tim Zarkovacki, a solutions architect at PCS, conducted an interview with Gary Audin which was published on No Jitter, a leading online publisher of enterprise communication ideas and best practices. The title of the article is “Examining Evolving Consultant Relationships”.

In the article, Tim discusses questions regarding unified communications project consulting, including:

  • “You work in unified communications. How do your clients want to automate business processes using unified communications?
  • “Do you have clients who have a solution in mind to solve their problem rather than relying on you to find the solution to the problem they have?
  • “You have many relationships with providers and vendors. Has that changed in the last 10 years?”

According to No Jitter, the website is “produced by the same people who run Enterprise Connect, the largest conference/exhibition in the U.S. devoted exclusively to enterprise communications. No Jitter has unique access, insights, vigilance, energy, and reputation, which allow it to generate vibrant content on a daily basis.”

Our readers are encouraged to take the time to read this informative interview. It will help inform you of our outlook at PCS and how we are working with clients across the United States. We appreciate the opportunity to share our experiences in this industry and the changes we have seen over the last decade. We look forward to continuing to serving our clients with the unified communication challenges that they face.