Ben Zelei Discusses Cybersecurity at Local Chamber


Our team member Ben Zelei presented on the topic of cybersecurity at the Wadsworth Area Chamber of Commerce on February 23, 2022.

Topics included:

  • Passwords and 2FA
    • Complexity requirements, how often they should be changed, and the criticality of two-factor authentication
  • Phishing Awareness
    • The Human Firewall is the most important part of cybersecurity
  • Backups
    • What is a backup and why they should be tested
  • Antivirus: Traditional or Next Gen
    • Why free and “old school” antivirus doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to ransomware
  • Vulnerability Management
    • What on your network is exposed to the Internet and how that can leave you susceptible to attack

A PDF of the presentation is available and can be downloaded here.

Here’s the video: