Zach Pertee Graduates with MBA


We’d like to congratulate Zach Pertee for recently graduating with an MBA in Management Information Systems from Ashland University. We are grateful for Zach’s dedication to his continued education, which leads to ongoing and improved service for our customers.

This program allowed Zach to expand his perspective of design, development, implementation, utilization, and administration of computer-based information systems.

At PCS, we highly value continued education for our team members. This comes through a variety of forms, including obtaining certifications, attending industry-leading trade shows and seminars, pursuing additional formal schooling, etc. As a company-wide priority, we support our team members through this process through a variety of means. This is all a part of our efforts to seek a five-way win in all endeavors.

Thank you, Zach, for your focus and history of service!

Additionally, we would be remiss to also not congratulate Zach on his first child, Viviann. That’s an even bigger, Congratulations!!