Announcing Our New Partnership with Mitel and LumenVox


Palitto Consulting Services (PCS) is excited to announce our partnership with Mitel and LumenVox. This collaboration introduces advanced automated speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), and voice biometrics to Mitel contact centers, enhancing security and customer experience.

PCS has an extensive history of working with Mitel systems and has developed proprietary integration code to connect LumenVox’s offerings to Mitel’s contact center solutions. LumenVox provides advanced ASR, TTS, and voice biometrics technologies, which are integrated into Mitel platforms through PCS’s solutions.

Key Benefits

• Voice Biometrics: Secure, effortless authentication with phrases like “My voice is my password.”

• ASR & TTS: Real-time, multilingual support for seamless interactions, including accurate transcription and speech synthesis.

• Industry Applications: Ideal for finance, healthcare, hospitality, and more, enhancing security and personalization.

Competitive Advantage

PCS offers turnkey solutions, including discovery, script writing, and implementation, ensuring a seamless client experience. Our solutions are cost-effective compared to competitors, with rapid turnaround times and efficient deployment. As the official licensing partner for LumenVox products within the Mitel ecosystem in North America, PCS ensures top-tier service and support.

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