After Call Survey

The PCS After Call Survey integration is designed to automate the after call survey process, while eliminating the need for agents to manually send callers to the survey. PCS has been brought into several projects where call center agents were selectively sending calls to the survey, which skewed the results. PCS’s process uses the auto attendant to prompt each caller to select if they want to participate in the survey. If the survey is accepted a call property is set and is monitored by the PCS Hang-up Monitor.

If a caller chooses not to participate the agent is notified they have opted out. The agent will then be able to discuss the option with the caller and has the ability to add the survey by clicking on the “add survey” toolbar button. Alternatively surveys can be set up based on specific DNIS numbers, Caller ID or data entered in the IVR, as well as administering the survey through outbound dialing campaigns.

Additional features of PCS’s After Call Survey include a management and reporting interfaces. The management interface controls setting up survey questions by language (supporting up to 15 languages), configuring survey questions, order of presentation, and determining if the survey will be DTMF or Voice Memo Responses.

The reporting interface offers basic or advanced reporting options and email alerts. Reports can be run by agent or by queue, and provide various data, including: response results, response rates and provides the audio comments.

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