Programming Team Moves Out!


After 16 years of sharing the same workspace with the LAN/WAN team, the PCS Programming team is moving into an office of their own. The programmers received a cake from the LAN/WAN team commemorating their move.

Network guru Bob Rybka stated, “Programmers take up a lot of space. We’re glad to have some more elbow room to work.” Top-coder Marvin Hartzler commented, “Network guys tend to make a lot of noise so we’ll be glad to have some peace and quiet.”

PCS clients have come to appreciate the diverse expertise (and personalities) they find in both the LAN/WAN and programming engineers!

The entire PCS team is grateful for the steady growth of our client base over the past several years necessitating the expansion to house everyone. In addition to expanded facilities, the growth is also providing the opportunity PCS to increase the utilization of Wide Area Network and Voice over IP technologies to maintain close communications amongst members of the team. We are frequently asked to implement similar solutions for our valued clients as well. Our clients appreciate the fact that we recommend solutions that we rely on in our own operations.

Please feel free to arrange a time to visit our team, our offices and the voice and data technologies we have implemented!