PCS Developers Attend CodeMash Software Development Conference


Several Palitto Consulting Services team members attended CodeMash, a software development conference that took place between January 7th and 10th, 2020. Our team members regularly find time to attend events like this to help them learn and improve their skills. At PCS, we believe that continual improvement is the best way to ensure that we meet and exceed the needs of our clients today and tomorrow.


Team members Jay Holliday, Erinn Lynn and Chris Stevens went to CodeMash in early January 2020. This conference is a wide-ranging software development and technology event. It was the perfect gathering for learning about the latest trends and ideas in our field. Our three team members came back with several important takeaways:

  • WEB UI/UX & Frameworks: JavaScript has been dominant in this area for years. However, Blazor, an open-source framework being developed by Microsoft, is a noteworthy new competitor. It allows developers to easily use C# and HTML for web apps.
  • Mobile Development: Unsurprisingly, mobile is still hot on many people’s minds. Cross-compiling for iOS and Android is probably one of the most important current trends.
  • Cloud: Current-day cloud computing is significantly maturing. Whereas previously it was a bit of a novelty, more advanced functionality is moving to the cloud.
  • DevOps: A major focus in this area is on tools that can push out new code “automagically.”
  • Architecture: Two major themes in this area are test-driven development and dependency injection and decoupling.
  • Security: As more and more systems become interconnected, this is only growing in importance.
  • Document DBs: Expect to see more as this type of database grows in importance this year.

Our Dedication to Learning

We are firmly committed to continual learning. It is the most robust way for us to ensure the continued success of our clients. Conferences like CodeMash help us stay ahead of trends.

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