PCS Deepens Expertise at Microsoft Ignite Tour Conference


At PCS, we strive to “help businesses make intelligent use of technology”. So, when the Microsoft Ignite Tour, a two-day deep technical training conference, made its only US stop, we made sure we were there. We never want to miss an opportunity for members of our team to learn new ways to help companies modernize their organizations with cutting-edge technologies.

Extensive Learning Opportunity

Business use of the cloud is a growing and evolving field, requiring companies to rethink their ideas about the way IT functions within organizations. Events like the Microsoft Ignite Tour provided our developers a chance to learn from experts who are directly involved in driving these new technologies. The conference featured hundreds of technical sessions and a choice of several learning paths. Among other tools our team acquired, we learned some new strategies for coding that will enable us to better optimize our clients’ use of the cloud in their operations.

Networking with Experts

These days, keeping up with the latest technology requires staying immersed in the technology community. Attending events like the Microsoft Ignite Tour help us to build and maintain our extensive network of contacts. The need for rapid software deployment and constant refining of best practices make close professional relationships with industry influencers an indispensable part of providing relevant advice to our clients. We believe keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technologies is vital not only to our success but also to the success of the companies we serve.