Microsoft Integrate 2019 – Delivering Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Our team member Zach Partee recently had the opportunity to attend Integrate 2019 in Redmond Washington at Microsoft’s Headquarters.  This event is the premier opportunity to learn and connect directly with Microsoft Program managers and others on the Microsoft Leadership Team.

As stated on the event website: “Integrate 2019 is the premier integration conference for everyone working in the Microsoft Integration Space. The 3-day event, with Speakers from the Microsoft Product Group and from the Global Integration Community, is the ideal event to listen to the leading Integration Specialists, to learn what is coming next in integration and to network with your peers.”

The Need for Continued Integration

The PCS engineering team has been integrating technologies for over 20 years. It is a priority for our team to attend these events to learn directly from the source and to develop direct relationships with key Microsoft team leaders and others in the industry.

As the age of large and robust platforms continue to develop, integration between these systems is becoming increasingly important. It is not practical to build everything from the ground up as it does not serve our client’s best interests to rebuild tools that already exist. Integrating systems is where our experienced team of integration engineers can help.

What also makes Integrate 2019 such an important event is that Microsoft is one of the predominant vendors of our clients. Learning the latest of these technologies and how they can be integrated is something we want to pass along to our customers.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Increasingly Important

As we continue to help business make intelligent use of technology, we have seen that our clients appreciate our ability to implement and integrate hybrid solutions. In other words, many of our clients cannot transition fully to the cloud, but are interested in utilizing the latest tools sets, many of which are cloud-based. This is where a hybrid solution comes in, and our team of consultants can be a huge asset with these projects.

At Integrate 2019, Zach also learned more about “Intelligent Edge,” which is bringing the power of cloud to on-premise servers and IOT devices. There was also a heavy focus on Azure’s Logic Apps, which has tremendous potential.

It is our goal to continually stay on the cutting edge with system integrations. We strive to learn and to take what the big enterprises are doing and help our small to mid-size business community apply these same technologies. If your business needs help with business process or system integration, reach out to us and begin the discussion.