Information Security Summit 2018


In an effort to consistently stay ahead of the curve on security, PCS attended the 16th annual Information Security Summit in Cleveland, Ohio on October 22-26. As we work with clients on all levels of technology integration, security awareness and implementation, continuing education is essential for our team.

Some takeaways from the conference included:

  • The average time from intrusion to detection is 325 days
  • It’s not if you get hacked, it’s when you will get hacked
  • It’s not how they got in, it’s what they gained access to

Leaders in the industry understand the seriousness of cyber security. Companies are struggling with when and how to implement additional security measures. You don’t plan for life insurance when you have a heart attack, neither do you create a breach response or incident response plan when a hacker has already penetrated your network.

Our team continues to implement and recommend best practices in regards to cyber security. If your business needs help, reach out to our team today.