From Chickens to Computers


Growing up on his family’s Creston farm, Zach Pertee spent his early years tending chickens and collecting eggs. In a complete turnabout, Pertee now tends business software and removes viruses from computer hard drives.

Does the business of farming have anything in common with the business of computing?

“In my own company, I saw that a lot of people depended completely on their computer programs, but they never backed up their data. In farming, we call that putting all your eggs in one basket. It’s not a good thing.” Pertee commented. He advises that all computer users have a copy of their important information, and that at least one of the copies be stored off-premises.

Until recently, Pertee owned and operated his own computer support firm. In August, he joined the staff of Palitto Consulting Services in Wadsworth. His previous experience includes supporting financial systems for First National Bank.

“I learned in the banking business that a little preventive maintenance goes a long way,” Pertee said. “Just opening up a piece of gear and cleaning out the dust can prevent an unexpected failure down the road. Everyone who depends on a computer should give that a little thought.”

PCS President, Bryon Palitto, noted that Pertee will be expanding his role into computer network engineering. The company is attempting to meet a significant increase in demand for these services, Palitto said.

Palitto Consulting specializes in computer networking, information technology support, software development, and telephone system support. The company, which focuses its efforts on the needs of small business, is based in Wadsworth.