ShoreTel Phone System Enhancements for Modern Business Communications

Since 2004, PCS has been providing ShoreTel Partners and end users with unique integration solutions and customizations that work seamlessly with the ShoreTel phone system. Over time, ShoreTel partners have taken advantage of our unique custom integration options and have pushed us to develop our most complex and exciting customizations, yet.

The PCS development team is a very diverse team with nearly 35,000 hours written against the ShoreTel API. The team consists of dB administrators, software developers, mobile developers and WAN/LAN experts trained and certified by ShoreTel to implement base products, call center applications, and integrate ShoreTel products using the ShoreTel API and other tools. We are a ShoreTel Partner’s Best Partner!

We are always looking for ways to help companies use ShoreTel in new and innovative ways. Contact Tim today to discuss opportunities for your company.