Ron Palitto Speaks at Wadsworth Young Professionals


Ron Palitto was invited to speak at the Wadsworth Young Professionals (WYP) Mochas and Mentors meeting in late November. The Mochas & Mentors series, organized by the WYP, invites guest speakers to speak to local young professionals about their successes as entrepreneurs. Several high school students, who are part of Wadsworth High School’s business program, also join the event during the school year. This provides an excellent additional dynamic of engagement, as well as the opportunity for the mentors and young professionals to have an impact on future generations.

Ron is thankful for the opportunity to convey some of the lessons and values that he has learned through the years. Themes including an emphasis that there are facts of life that we all deal with (for example, gravity), best utilizing our non-renewable time and energy, and focusing on being productive. We only have today, we must use our time and energy wisely, focusing our efforts on being productive.

The Young Professionals and students were also encouraged to be industrious and to not to always rely on or take from others. Ron encouraged attendees to develop a vision and plan for their life, always looking for available opportunities. He learned early in his career that there are many opportunities available and the importance of stepping up to fill the need, even when not asked. Going the extra mile to fill a need almost always leads to more opportunities.

Ron also encouraged a focus of looking out for everyone’s interest, or in other words seeking a “5-Way Win”, a term coined by Ron 30 years ago. Having a positive impact on other people is one of the most rewarding parts of Ron’s life and career.

These same principles, among others, play a large role in the culture of the PCS team. If you ever want to learn more about what we do or more about our company culture, don’t hesitate to contact us.