Our Team

We are a highly qualified team assembled to accommodate the unique internal and external business requirements of our clients. Each team member possesses solid core values, a unique skill-set, and the desire to serve each of our clients with world class service.

Joe Miller

Joe has a passion for helping individuals, teams, and small organizations to succeed and thrive through a collaborative approach that combines critical thinking, an engineering mindset, and caring service.  He joined PCS in 2004 to pursue his goal of directly contributing to the success of the core of the business community – small and medium-size businesses. As Chief Operating Officer, Joe focuses a portion of his time on assembling and supporting a cohesive team that can effectively fulfill the company’s mission and vision. He also applies his experience and skills to serving clients in multiple areas of business and technology.

 Joe’s academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Akron and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in management from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) to further his ability to serve. As an avid lifelong learner, he also holds certifications in Managing Operational Performance, Process Innovation and Six Sigma Yellow Belt from Baldwin Wallace University and Designing Solutions for Innovation and Strategy from CWRU. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and has passed various Microsoft technical certification exams. His professional experience includes electronics engineering; embedded software development; application, web, and database development; and many other aspects of business and technology.

 In addition to his work, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children.