Our Team

We are a highly qualified team assembled to accommodate the unique internal and external business requirements of our clients. Each team member possesses solid core values, a unique skill-set, and the desire to serve each of our clients with world class service.

Bryon Palitto

  • Many years of Programming / IT / Project Management Experience
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 1991
  • Lover of the small and mid size business
  • Strongly in favor of efficiency, automation and data protection
  • Believer in the value of expert assistance
  • Promoter of the new methods of doing business

Bryon started off his career in technology working for the University of Akron troubleshooting programming problems.  Also during college, he fulfilled a cooperative education assignment for the North East Ohio Regional Sewer District, doing data capturing and analysis to provide justification for remediation projects.  He wrote and maintained several small database applications, written in dBase, to store the data.  Multi-million dollar remediation project decisions were based on the reports from this project.

As a second cooperative education project, he went to Harper Rose in Akron, OH as an entry level Systems Analyst and Programmer.  Harper Rose is a holding company with 4 child companies including: Sanford Rose Associates, Sanford Rose International, Opportunity Center, and Placement Services Limited.  He was soon chosen to take on the role of Data Processing Manager and then also given the duty of Technical Support.  The responsibility of supervising 3 data entry clerks, managing the data, distributing that data to several hundred offices, dealing with disaster recovery, supporting technical problems throughout the main facility and training all users, and supporting the remote users via the phone, set the foundation of Bryon’s career.  The environment consisted of a pair of PDP 11/44 mini computers and DOS PC’s.  The programming environment was Basic using an ISAM database and Clipper using a dBase database.  This cooperative education assignment turned into a 60 hour / week job which kept Bryon busy the last 1.5 years of college.

Wanting to gain more insight into application design and development, his career was catapulted to the next level as he went to work for Curtis Research, Inc. in Akron, OH as an entry level Software Engineer.  He first worked on a team to rewrite an existing Medical Billing Application to an improved database and language.  The application was written in Borland Pascal.  As time progressed he was pulled onto a team to design and develop a new Medical Billing software product.  Two applications were redesigned into one application and migrated to a Progress database environment.  He had the opportunity to lead the data conversion project and EDI development project.  He also had the responsibility to perform, last line end user support and maintenance on all products.  He was called on to train and support the team that successfully completed 120 installations.  Bryon was looked to as their Communications and Network Specialist as well.  He was given the opportunity to visit many customers to increase the performance of their Local Area Networks and increase their utilization of the application.

Wanting to round off his IT and programming knowledge, he took an opportunity to get some sales experience, and went to work for CIBER, Inc. in Independence, OH.  CIBER is a national company, headquartered in Denver, CO.  As an Account Manager, Bryon added over $1.5 million in new business within a year and a half. He was given responsibility for their top three accounts, and developed 100% vertical growth within them.  He added numerous new accounts and this resulted in 50% growth for the branch during his tenure.  He learned a great deal about big business and people.  While performing his Account Manager duties he also assisted in the development of the Cleveland branch LAN and several database applications.  He assisted in accounting, budgeting, sales planning, sales person development, consultant career development and planning, network and telephone system support and maintenance.  It was during this time that his love for the Small to Mid sized business was fully developed.  He often encountered Small and Mid sized business with technology issues and no qualified, reasonably priced, high integrity resource to turn to for help.

Recognizing his ability in the Information Technology world, coupled with his sales ability and a good understanding of business, Bryon decided to start a company, Palitto Consulting Services, Inc. (PCS) to serve the small and mid-size business market.  The services are centered around strategic use of the Intel computing platforms.  They include VoIP, Virtualization, Local Area Network and Wide Area Network design, installation, tuning, security, maintenance and upgrade.  The skill sets are in Windows, Netware, UNIX, LINUX, Mac, CITRIX, Cisco, Mitel (former ShoreTel) and many lesser known technologies.  Today, with Bryon serving as the Chief Executive Officer, the team of experts provide services to over 2,500 businesses.  These clients are centered in North East Ohio.  However, many customers are located across the US and around the world.  Also, many customers have multiple locations.  Additionally, Bryon and some of his team are proficient in many programming languages and many database engines.  They handle database design, analysis and tuning; along with small application design, development, maintenance and support.  The development team has become known worldwide for integrations utilizing API’s to bring out customized solutions from many standard business applications.  Voice over IP (VoIP) integrations are a specialty.  The solution architecting is enhanced business consulting experts who are noted for their capability in integrating software systems with business processes.  One-stop-shopping is the goal…  from the simple to the complex.  Small and Mid sized businesses can rely on the PCS team to provide them with all the technology help they need.

Managing multiple resources both inside and outside to accomplish project goals on time and on budget is what PCS strives for and delivers.  PCS is not industry specific.  PCS is focused on “Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason!”  A “5-way win” is to be achieved in every interaction with a team member, customer or vendor.  Business Process Automation, Simplification or Enhancement utilizing technology is what we do.

Bryon lives in Wadsworth, OH with his wife and 2 of his 4 children. Two Children are married and have added 5 grandchildren to the family, with 1 more on the way.