Our Team

We are a highly qualified team assembled to accommodate the unique internal and external business requirements of our clients. Each team member possesses solid core values, a unique skill-set, and the desire to serve each of our clients with world class service.

Bill Fraedrich

Bill is noted for his easy sense of humor, but has serious ideas about technology in small business. “Technology solutions need to be simple, fast, and understandable. When people understand what their technology can do, only then will they trust, and really use it. Then they start to accomplish great things with it.”

He spent over 20 years working in the mortgage and banking industry, analyzing business issues, uncovering hidden problems, and designing solutions that work. Bill focuses on the development side of the PCS team, and brings a working knowledge of over a dozen different programming languages.

At PCS, Bill designs and supports Call Centers and Interactive Voice Response systems.  He has extensive experience with Mitel Contact Center, and ShoreTel Connect Contact Center, holding related certifications. He is also a Database Administrator, with solving a wide variety of problems in both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.

“When you sit down with a client, they’ll tell you all about the problems they’re concerned with,” Bill says. “But when we ask the right questions, we uncover issues that the client wasn’t even aware of. Then we go after those issues, and eliminate them. That’s what attracted me to the PCS team—here’s a whole group of folks who sink their teeth into a problem and won’t let go until it’s fixed. I love that!”

You may remember Bill from his days as an air personality at WGAR Radio, where he helped the station win two national awards. In all, he spent over 30 years behind the microphone, doing live shows, producing commercials and podcasts, and in management.

Bill holds several certifications in Emergency Management from the US Department of Homeland Security, where he volunteers as a communications specialist. He’s also a licensed ham radio operator, and a Martial Arts instructor and tournament referee. Bill and his wife Robin are leaders in the Family Readiness Program, which aides and supports the families of US military personnel. Bill adds “Actually, Robin is the Leader. I just drive the car.”

He is a graduate of Kent State University, and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.